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Are you mourning the loss of a pet?

spca-flyer.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro DCAre you mourning the loss of a pet?
Do you need someone to talk to about it?
Someone who understands?
Someone who mourns the loss of their pet, too?

The SPCA Pet Loss Support Group may help. The Pet Loss Support Group (PLSG) welcomes anyone grieving the loss of a pet, regardless of when your pet passed away or where you are in your healing journey. The PLSG is a place where you can share with others who are grieving the loss of a beloved pet. The group is open to the public and offered as a free service to the community. Registration is not required but encouraged. Go to

When: 3rd Sunday of each month, 3:30 – 5:30 p.m. Check the meeting schedule on the SPCA calendar for exceptions to the schedule during the holiday season.

Where:  SPCA Curtis Dail Pet Adoption Center
200 Petfinder Lane
Raleigh, NC 27603

Support Group Facilitator
Rob Gierka, Ed.D., is President of the Association for Veterinary Pastoral Education, Inc., a North Carolina non-profit that provides veterinary pastoral care and education. Rob has served as hospital chaplain for Rex Healthcare and the North Carolina School of Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Contact Maria Hernandez at 919-532-2082 or

Download the spca-flyer, here.